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Master Data Management

Red Flag Alert is the perfect tool to optimise your MDM processes. We’re at the forefront of providing datasets which allow you to have one up-to-date and extensive master reference source for all the data you hold. 

Our experience working with blue chip organisations across the UK means we understand the considerable challenge of building accurate, up-to-date and consistent datasets. 

Our Data on UK Businesses is Unrivalled 

  • 5 million+ detailed business profiles
  • 1 million+ updates every month
  • 20 million+ key directors and business owners
  • 40+ fields of intelligence for every business
  • 10+ market leading data owners’ information collated 

Helping your MDM Processes 

The Red Flag Alert database is perfectly placed to help you centralise and streamline your MDM processes. Plugging our API into your database will give you access to our up-to-date business intelligence. Using Red Flag Alert you can build protocols which ensure your information is updated, de-duped, and your CRM enriched.

Red Flag Alert’s data experts can integrate our business intelligence into your datasets in a way which best suits your business. Having access to our data means you can standardise information across your whole company, taking away the risks of human error, disparate datasets, as well as obsolete and incomplete information.

  • Your CRM will be enriched with the real-time information you need.
  • Avoid using redundant data.
  • Standardise the view of data across your organisation.
  • Ensure that your data has the detail you need to operate your business effectively.
  • Ensure everyone in your business has access to the best possible information.

So Many Benefits

  • The task of implementing MDM in a large organisation is made significantly less arduous using Red Flag Alert. By plugging your CRM into Red Flag Alert you will be populating it with the latest business intelligence all accessible from one place. Once you have high quality data, buy-in from key stakeholders and a high quality bar on your data, implementing best practice MDM processes becomes a lot easier.
  • Having a high quality MDM process in place has considerable benefits for your organisation. The simple matter of having up-to-date contact information helps with sales, credit control and procurement. Knowing the credit limit of a business has been reduced will help the sales manager decide on whether to upsell a new product, the financial controller to make a decision on a credit line, and the procurement team knowing that they may need to find a new supplier.
  • When a business is making an acquisition and having to incorporate a new dataset into its organisation having a robust MDM process allows for incorporation of this data much faster.
  • For organisations where there are many product lines or different CRM systems in use, having an effective MDM process is essential to make sure all of the key data is captured and utlilised by different departments within the business.

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How we helped Towergate Insurance

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Red Flag Alert’s all-in-one master data management platform provides the following:

  • A comprehensive matrix of dynamic company data with unique identifiers, including extensive small business and SME information

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