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Manufacturing and Logistics

A Tough Climate for Manufacturing and Logistics Operators

Although the UK manufacturing and logistics sectors are strong, they are not unshakeable – and the current climate is proving more challenging than ever.

Many businesses are still thriving, but with economic uncertainty it is critical that businesses look to both diversify their customer base and proactively manage risk.

The manufacturing and logistics sectors will continue to be an important part of the UK economy, but finding a competitive advantage is critical.

Data is an exciting way to build a competitive advantage – using business intelligence provided by Red Flag Alert means businesses can gain that critical edge.

Thousands of data-driven UK businesses trust Red Flag Alert to help them deliver on ambitious targets. With detailed real-time information on 6.5 million UK businesses and 20 million key decision-makers, Red Flag Alert helps businesses:

  • Find ideal target customers using a wide range of filters.
  • Identify key decision-makers to drive sales and marketing.
  • Manage risk in challenging and dynamic environments.
  • Monitor clients to build proactive credit control and risk procedures.
  • Mitigate regulatory risk – AML, GDPR and Sanctions.
  • Ensure company data is clean, centralised and rich.

Why You Need Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert is a business intelligence tool that puts real-time data for every business in the UK at your fingertips.

This data can help your business in many different ways – foremost by helping businesses grow, manage risk and remain compliant with regulations. It’s used by SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses that place an importance on business intelligence as a differentiator.

What Red Flag Alert Does

  • Comprehensive information: Our business intelligence database is updated in real time and covers every business in the UK. These updates cover 100+ key data points and generate 100,000+ updates every day – that’s 2 million per month and 24 million per year.
  • Predictive financial health ratings: Detailed information provides a financial health rating that can be used to predict the likelihood of insolvency in the next 12 months.
  • Uniquely detailed insight: Our financial health ratings are driven by our proprietary algorithm that we’ve developed over 13 years.
  • Sales and marketing data: Leveraging real-time data allows sales and marketing teams to identify the most relevant prospects. The business intelligence helps teams develop precision marketing campaigns and sales presentations.
  • Monitor risk: By using detailed and up-to-date information you will have a clear view on credit risk posed by clients and suppliers, and you’ll be alerted to any changes in real time.
  • Manage supply chain risk: Along with monitoring clients you can put monitoring in place to evaluate risk further up the supply chain.
  • A human touch: We use credit analysts to continually evaluate and test our data to ensure that the health ratings and data are providing the most value.
  • An expert team: Our team of data experts are available to help deploy Red Flag Alert. Every business has different needs and our team will make sure you’re getting the most value possible from the system.

Business Development

Whether you have two or three key accounts or thousands of clients, there is always room to improve. If you want a specific type of client, more clients, better paying clients or clients in a different market segment, Red Flag Alert gives you the data to achieve your goals.

  • Diversify client risk by finding new customers that are a perfect fit for your product or logistics solution.
  • Red Flag Alert allows you to break the UK business landscape into highly specific market segments (size, geography, profitability, sector, liquidity, health).
  • Deep business intelligence allows you to prepare sales presentations that win business, allowing you to pinpoint your prospects’ pain points and demonstrate how you can relieve them.
  • Understand your current clients better and be alerted to changes in their business that may provide an opportunity.

Risk Management

If key clients experience financial difficulties you can be affected; businesses are three times more likely to file for insolvency if one of their clients becomes insolvent. Red Flag Alert is the perfect solution to make sure this doesn’t happen to your business.

  • Access real-time intelligence on the financial health of your clients. This highly specific information provides advance warning of financial distress, which gives you time to react.
  • Ensure your onboarding process is streamlined by quickly accessing a clear view of the health of prospective clients.
  • Review credit limits and make data-driven credit control decisions by using real-time financial data.
  • Set up monitoring alerts to prompt reviews of key clients if financial issues emerge.

Other Key Benefits

  • Ensure you meet a range of increasingly tight regulations like GDPR, AML and Sanctions.
  • Use the Red Flag Alert API to ensure that your CRM is updated in real time.
  • Complete due diligence on acquisition targets or new sectors.

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