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Perfect for the Legal Sector 

Red Flag Alert is an all-in-one data solution for law firms. Our business intelligence database provides a unique depth of knowledge on British business; information on over 6.5 million businesses is updated every day, so with Red Flag Alert you will always be using the freshest data. It is perfectly placed to help law firms meet their compliance obligations and gives them the data to improve sales and marketing ROI.

Up-to-date Business Intelligence

Red Flag Alert’s database is updated daily with over 40 advanced fields: 

  • Intelligence gathered from 10+market-leading data owners.
  • Over 60,000 data changes every single day.
  • Over 100 indicators of financial health are updated.
  • CRM integration using the Red Flag Alert API, so your data will be updated automatically every day.
  • Easy-to-use interface makes searching for the right information pain free. 

Up-to-date Compliance 

At Red Flag Alert we have a detailed understanding of the regulatory environment that law firms operate within. Our database is designed with this in mind – it’s an easy-to-use tool which helps you extract the key information you need – ensuring your compliance operations are based on the most current data available.

  • Easily evaluate conflicts of interest
  • PEPs and sanctions list screening in real time
  • ID verification
  • Meet KYC and AML obligations
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Quickly identify financial irregularities
  • Director history
  • Detailed credit ratings
  • Help meet GDPR regulations 

Best-in-Class Credit Control

Red Flag Alert evaluates businesses against over 100 indicators of financial health and breaks this down into an easy-to-use financial health rating. These ratings are built on 30 years of experience evaluating the financial health of businesses so scores are built on sector specific models - these models cover statistical and judgemental weightings and are updated regularly. By having access to the financial health of clients, counterparties and any other business you can:

  • Simplify on-boarding of new clients
  • Act quickly if clients are experiencing financial difficulties
  • Quickly evaluate appropriate credit terms
  • Arm your financial control team by integrating this information directly into your CRM 

Real-time Monitoring 

Red Flag Alert allows you to build a monitoring system that provides the business intelligence you need, when you need it, to the right people in your organisation. Whether this is for business development, compliance, case-work or credit control you will have information in real-time allowing for better decision making. 

  • 1000s of different monitoring configurations
  • Delivered directly into your inbox
  • Make proactive business decisions
  • Ensure your data management processes are GDPR compliant

Sales and Marketing Benefits

Using Red Flag Alert helps to focus sales and marketing efforts; businesses across numerous professional service sectors use our database to grow sales, with many having doubled, tripled or quadrupled their growth rates in the first six months using Red Flag Alert.

After launching in 2003, the Red Flag Alert database has been refined to become one of the most powerful business development tools in the world. With B2B databases decaying at 3% per month, the need to have constantly updated information has never been so critical.

  • Find your ideal target customer
  • Build highly specialised target customer lists
  • Learn more about current clients to open up new revenue streams
  • Get deep insights into your competition
  • Spot opportunities for growth through acquisition
  • Update your CRM in real time with our API
  • Understand the dynamics of your market
  • Receive updates directly to your inbox 

Free Consultation

Please get in touch with Peter Johnson at or on 07971 574838 to discuss how using Red Flag Alert’s database can improve your compliance and boost sales and marketing.

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