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Contributing over £25 billion to the GDP and employing over 300,000 people, the UK insurance industry is a major player. Red Flag Alert supports the insurance industry by providing market-leading business intelligence on over 5 million businesses. This information gives the insurance industry over 40 key data points, details of 20 million directors and owners, and a financial health rating for every business in the UK.

How it Works

  • Detailed business information is aggregated from over 10 market-leading data owners into the Red Flag Alert database every day.
  • It is then enriched through the Red Flag Alert proprietary insolvency algorithm. This generates detailed health ratings for every business in the UK based on 142 indicators of financial health.
  • This information is integrated into a user’s data in real-time using the Red Flag Alert API.
  • Alerts can then be sent to inform users of important changes in the data.

Red Flag Alert has a range of valuable uses in the insurance industry.

Business Development

  • The B2B insurance market is a large and key part of the UK insurance industry. For insurance brokers looking to develop their business, the landscape of businesses (especially SMEs) is huge. Knowing which businesses to target is challenging for sales and marketing teams, however, our business intelligence enables you to segment the market in extensive detail.

Let’s say you are an insurance broker specialising in fleet insurance: you can quickly do a search for businesses in that sector, in a certain location, which are financially secure with a specified level of turnover.

If like many insurance brokers you sell policies that work across almost any industry, like key man insurance, you can target businesses of a certain size, or directors who work across multiple businesses. The opportunities to segment effectively using the Red Flag Alert database are unparalleled.

  • Make account-based marketing work for you. The Red Flag Alert database tracks over 1 million business updates every month, including everything from financial distress to a change in director or an increase in turnover. Keeping a close eye on these changes will allow your account managers to take the appropriate action when a change happens which might mean the need for a new or improved policy. This helps to build trust and repeat business with clients whilst also improving premiums.
  • Red Flag Alert can help you find smaller insurance companies which may be viable acquisition targets. By searching for a particular size or growth trajectory, larger firms can streamline their quest for potential future targets.
  • Develop market intelligence by reviewing performance across different sectors and geographies against a baseline of expected performance. Having up to the minute data will enable these detailed performance reviews.

Improved Efficiency

  • By using the Red Flag Alert API, you can update your CRM in real-time direct from the Red Flag Alert database. This will ensure all information is up-to-date and can be viewed in the same way across the organisation; for large insurance companies that have multiple offices and agents this level of consistency is a must. Once the Red Flag Alert data is integrated into your CRM the extra information will enhance decision making across the business.
  • The MDM processes can be streamlined by using the Red Flag Alert data as a master file. Every day the data held on businesses in your CRM will be cleaned, de-duped and updated, making how you use data simpler, more efficient, and with considerably less scope for human error.
  • Provide detailed reports on ROI, risk and performance.

Mitigate Risk

  • Our detailed information is perfect for underwriters. Being able to look at a business’s financial health in the richest possible detail will add value to pricing premiums.
  • Ensuring that customers have the right insurance in place is helped by using Red Flag Alert. Avoid customers being underinsured by keeping a close eye on every business you work with and approaching them if they need to increase their cover.
  • Pre-screen businesses to exclude those heading for, or already in, financial distress.


  • With over 900,000 GDPR compliant email addresses, using our database will help you to adhere to the 2018 GDPR legislation. Also, by having a clear MDM process you’ll be able to track and manage your data better, while remaining compliant of GDPR regulation.
  • Future proof your business against the threat of investigation from regulatory bodies such as the FCA or ICO.
  • AML4D brings with it a large compliance burden, especially for large insurers. Red Flag Alert is the perfect solution to ensure your business complies with this legislation.

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Latest News


COVID‐19 will cause unpaid business debt to double to £8.6 BILLION

Economic disruption caused by COVID‐19 will see unpaid business debt double to more than £8.6bn this year. According to The Insolvency Service over 17,000* companies went out of business in 2019, with analysis by financial risk firm Red Flag Alert showing this meant £4.3bn of invoices were written‐off.

Luxury Cars: The Perfect Vehicle for Money Launderers

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Luxury Cars: The Perfect Vehicle for Money Launderers

In September this year supercar enthusiasts from around the world gathered at a quiet former monastery in Switzerland for a unique opportunity. Twenty-five supercars, including Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis were all up for auction – but what made this unusual was that they were all from a single collection.

7,000 London Companies Sink Into Significant Financial Distress in the Last 12 Months

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7,000 London Companies Sink Into Significant Financial Distress in the Last 12 Months

There are 124,000 businesses across Greater London in significant financial distress, with almost all sectors being affected. Red Flag Alert data for Q3 2019 found that significant financial distress is increasingly prevalent throughout the capital, with 21 out of 22 sectors experiencing an increase.

Christie contractor enters into administration

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Christie contractor enters into administration

Interserve, the construction firm appointed to develop The Christie hospital in Manchester, has entered into administration with all the company's assets immediately moving to a new specially formed company.

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Here at Redflag Alert we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to contact you with regards to your enquiry. By submitting this request, you agree to receiving information from Red Flag Alert. See Privacy Policy.


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