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Higher and Further Education

Good quality business intelligence can help colleges and universities achieve a range of critical goals. With the twin pressures of a much tighter funding environment and much more choice for students, institutions need to find strategies for differentiation. Using Red Flag Alert data, institutions can access over 6.5 million UK businesses and make considerable improvements in a number of areas, including partnerships, career guidance, alumni engagement, and procurement.

  • Detailed data on 6.5m+ UK businesses.
  • Information on 20m+ key decision-makers.
  • Every month there are 100,000+ data updates daily.
  • Information compiled from 10 leading data owners. 

Our business intelligence can be accessed through our intuitive platform and is updated every day; you will always have the most up-to-date information available.


If you’re looking for sponsors, presenters, mentors, fundraising, or work experience, you will be able to generate detailed searches based on the type of business you need. You can search by:

  • Size
  • Sector
  • Location
  • Turnover
  • Financial health
  • Many more detailed filters 

This means you can build targeted campaigns to the businesses relevant to you. This normally includes location and sector, but you can drill down into more detailed filters depending on the level of partnership you’re looking to build. For example, sponsoring a new sports hall will likely require a very different search to sourcing a local law firm to help with work experience. We have you covered for both of these searches.

Career Guidance 

We understand the pressure that colleges and universities are under to find the next step for students. In a huge marketplace it can be difficult to build an effective strategy that will open the door to a career after education. Building solid relationships with businesses which offer employment opportunities is an excellent way to help students take that next step. 

Red Flag Alert is the perfect way to source the right businesses. You can build searches to help you find the right profile of business to approach about collaborative apprenticeship schemes – a search by region, sector or industry will help you find the most suitable companies. 

The 2017 changes to apprenticeship funding make it mandatory for businesses with a wage bill over £3m to pay into the apprenticeship levy; these businesses are then eligible to use the government’s apprenticeship service. 

Using Red Flag Alert you will be able to specifically target businesses that are eligible to use the apprenticeship levy – this is an effective way to find the right business partners to build apprenticeship programmes with. In addition, we use a growth algorithm that identifies businesses which are due to become eligible for the levy so you can engage them early with opportunities. 

Similarly, finding the right businesses to approach about graduate careers can be supported using our intelligence. Typically, businesses of a certain size will take on graduates so you can search for businesses by turnover or employees. A search by sector is also relevant so you can make links with businesses in certain sectors – helpful for example, if your law department wants to make links to specific types of law firms.

Alumni Engagement 

By having access to 20 million key business decision-makers, you’ll be able to find alumni students working in industry who can give introductions and help facilitate productive partnerships. 

Access to college or business alumni will allow you to make contact with key alumni; this is helpful in regard to building partnerships with employers or other potential collaborators and can also be extremely useful when building outreach programmes for funds. Maintaining a database of prominent alumni can be difficult – our database allows any updates in their professional interests to be immediately available. If an alumni member moves to an organisation which is a target partner, this information can be invaluable in building that relationship.

Curriculum Decisions

The data captured by Red Flag Alert is a detailed snapshot of the UK business environment. You will be able to evaluate the growth or decline in different sectors by looking at the number and size of organisations.  This gives a few critical advantages: 

  • Make key curriculum decisions based on the current and future demand for skills.
  • Use data on UK businesses to prove that the courses you’re running will equip students for their future careers. 

This will help ensure your alumni are successful in their careers and subsequently attract new students – a virtuous circle, greatly enhanced with detailed business intelligence.


Information on businesses can be vital to building the best possible supplier base. Whether procurement requires facilities management, IT or software, our data allows you to make judgements on the suitability of businesses you work with. Here are some key benefits: 

  • Find suppliers who have the resources to meet your requirements.
  • Review the trading history of businesses to assess their track record and any problems they are facing.
  • Streamline your procurement process by quickly determining whether a business meets the pre-qualification criteria.
  • Efficient selection processes will enhance your reputation as a contracting authority and enable you to attract better quality tenderers.
  • Evaluate the financial health of a business using Red Flag Alert’s 142 indicators of financial health.
  • 60,000 changes daily and alerts to your inbox will allow you to be informed when information about your suppliers changes, allowing you to address issues before they become unmanageable.
  • Find relevant businesses suitable to tender for works at your college or university by searching our detailed criteria.

CRM Integration

Using the Red Flag Alert API you can integrate our data into your CRM; this ensures that any information you hold on businesses will be up to date. Business data decays at 3% per month so keep it fresh by using our regularly updated intelligence. Red Flag Alert integrates with all leading CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics.

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