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Our Solutions

Red Flag Alert’s software and team of experts add value to businesses across a wide range of sectors. The data problems that we solve are universal: finding viable prospects, managing credit risk and developing rigorous data management processes are necessary for most businesses. Because of this we’re proud to service businesses across hundreds of sectors; with a big presence in some of the UKs most important industries, here are a few:


How we helped Towergate Insurance

Read case study


increase in sales team performance

Read how we helped Towergate insurance gain control of their data processes and see results across the business

How we helped Wave Energy

Read case study


decrease in customer default

Read how we helped Wave Energy use data to explore growth opportunities and mitigate risk in its business

How we helped NSL telecoms

Read case study


increase in revenue per client

Read how we helped NSL Telcoms grow revenues and manage risk in its business

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