How are you fairing in comparison to your competitors?

Red Flag Alert can help you better understand the position of your business in the markets you operate in. Our platform provides extensive business information and updates all of our records on a daily basis.

You can look at the information on a single business or access the data for all companies in a particular sector, we are able to help you achieve real market insight and provide a huge amount of detail on your current or potential competitors. Using the Red Flag Alert platform over time will enable you to determine the number of competitors in your markets and their relative size and performance.

You can also use the platform to evaluate the potential market for a new product or service. By looking at businesses currently in the market along with a customer profile you can determine what opportunities are out there and whether growth objectives are more likely to be achieved by competitive activity,tapping into market potential or diversification.

Once the Red Flag Alert system is installed in your business you will be able to regularly check the position of your business and track your growth in relation to the market as a whole and the other companies operating in your current sector or those you're looking to move into.