How can trends be useful to you?

Trend analysis is an excellent way of watching how your market operates and evolves over time, but it’s sometimes hard to take a step back from your everyday tasks and be fully aware of what is happening around you. If you wished you had time to investigate your market and its patterns at the same time as focusing on your business, Red Flag Alert is exactly the tool you’ve been craving.

Our platform lets you monitor the companies and industries you want to know about and will also alert you when anything changes. Watching companies over a period of time allows you to easily identify any trends happening in your market – performing the same monitoring on a whole group of companies means you will spot trends within an industry as a whole.

If you only operate in or focus on a particular part of the country, Red Flag Alert enables you to perform postcode-specific searches that deliver results which highlight any geographical trends. If a large company enters or leaves a particular area where you operate, you will see the effect this has on your market. Will the loss of a large company boost your market share, or has the effect been a loss in trade as smaller business are leaving due to this change in the economy of the area?

By using the Red Flag Alert platform, you can access and interrogate the intelligence you need to identify trends that can help you decide what is next for your business.