You have a plan. But Do you have the tools achieve it?

You have built a successful business and reputation in your market, but are you thinking there could be further opportunities to be had in a new market? Having used your knowledge and expertise to build your company in your current market, can your skills be expanded to take advantage of opportunities in another market or industry?

Our platform can help you avoid any risks associated with entering a new market or industry sector, and improve your chances of success by supporting your decisions with our expertise and intelligent information. Using Red Flag Alert will enable you to identify companies that are similar to yours in profession, size, turnover or location, but which operate in different markets, and by monitoring these companies, you can build a picture of what is possible if you make the right decisions for your business in order to expand.

When entering a new market you need to consider a wide range of factors. Researching the size of a new market and who you could do business with in terms of customers or suppliers, along with the demographic of the target audience, is vital information you need to make the right, well-informed choice about expansion for your business. In-depth due diligence on geographical locations and the companies which currently operate in that market is important – with that information you can forecast the possible financial gains and growth opportunities. Red Flag Alert provides you with the answers in a simple, easy-to-use platform and all in one place.