How well do you really know your suppliers?

The old adage that a duck might look calm and steady on the surface, but is really paddling like crazy underneath can also relate to the business world. Even though a long-term supplier may be established and seem to be functioning as normal, they could be struggling behind the scenes. Often the last people to find out are their customers after they fail to deliver the agreed service. Red Flag Alert allows you to monitor all of your suppliers – we’ll alert you to any changes that suggest they’re in trouble, so you can take any required action to prevent your business being impacted.

Placing a supplier on monitor gives you the security and peace of mind that we will help you protect your business while you concentrate on the day-to-day running of your company. You will be alerted to any changes within the suppliers you are monitoring through our automatic daily email alert system – these can vary from petitions, a change in Health Rating, Companies House petitions, change in addresses or directors, and even the issuing of CCJs.

If you are interested in a sourcing a new supplier, but you don’t know much about them aside from hearing a few good comments, do you take a chance and bring them on board? The smart decision would be to perform background checks on the company and the people in charge. Red Flag Alert provides company and director checks that give you a detailed history of the company and its directors, and it also shows you the history of individual directors and other companies they have been associated with. You can also use the platform to find out their financial status by checking their filed company accounts.

Our platform can perform searches on over six million companies and their directors. You can also download the information as a fully comprehensive report with no hidden charges. Performing thorough due diligence by using Red Flag Alert means you can protect your company by really getting under the skin of the businesses you deal with.