Find Ultimate Beneficial Owners

Does your business conduct know your customer or customer due diligence checks on clients? If so, you need tools to identify the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of the companies you work with. 

If you don’t, you could contravene anti-money laundering regulations and face criminal charges. 

Red Flag Alert provides a quick and easy way to look up the ultimate beneficial owner of any UK business.

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Identify Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Details

An ultimate beneficial owner is any person that owns at least 25% of a company’s shares or holds 25% of voting rights over a business. This information isn’t always clear because some assets are legally owned by a different party.

Red Flag Alert provides data on every UK company. This includes corporate linkage information that allows you to understand the relationships between different business entities and their directors.

Data on Every UK company

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1. Identify a company's ultimate beneficial owner
2. Check an ultimate beneficial owner's other business interest
3. See a director's history
4. Check if an ultimate beneficial owner has been sanctioned

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Who Benefits From This Capability?

Understanding who has significant control over the businesses you work with is useful for any company. It helps you assess who you should and should not do business with.

Customer due diligence is required by law in some industries. Companies in the following sectors must have tools to identify ultimate beneficial owners to remain compliant:

  • Financial institutions or any business dealing in money services
  • High-value goods dealers (those dealing with individual transactions worth over £15,000)
  • Trust or company service providers
  • Accountants
  • Estate agents
  • Bill payment companies 
  • Telecommunications, digital and IT payment service providers 
  • Art dealers
  • Letting agencies



How Our UBO Feature Works

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1. Search

Find the company using their name or company number. Click on the relevant company to bring up a report. 

2. Identify ultimate beneficial ownership
The report tells you who has ultimate beneficial ownership over the company. You can find more information on other businesses and directors in the company’s family tree by navigating to the company structure tab. 


3. Check risk
Use Red Flag Alert to perform customer due diligence and anti-money laundering checks on the UBO. You can also conduct advanced due diligence if you suspect they are a politically exposed person or on an international sanctions list.


4. Take action
Decide whether to accept, reject or report the business based on the risk profile of ultimate beneficial owners.


Extensive Business Database

  • 60,000 daily updates
  • 9,000 users
  • Over 1,000 companies already using Red Flag Alert
  • Over 140+ filters 
  • Company & Director search capabilities 
  • Unique insolvency scoring
  • Over 100+ data points
  • UK & International company data
  • Comprehensive business intelligence

What are the Penalties for Non-Compliance?

Failure to comply with UK anti-money laundering regulations can result in a prison sentence of up to 14 years or a hefty financial penalty. 

In December, National Westminster Bank (NatWest) was fined nearly £265 million for anti-money laundering failures.

Understanding ultimate beneficial ownership is complex. Companies House does a good job of recording and displaying corporate ownership. But corporate structures are set up to enable fraud and financial crime by masking the true beneficiaries behind a business.


Conduct Proper Due Diligence with Red Flag Alert

Ultimate beneficial owner checks are just one small part of Red Flag Alert’s wider anti-money laundering package. We allow you to check, onboard and monitor, all with one comprehensive platform.

Our users benefit from:

  • Detailed data on over 6m UK companies
  • Over 100,000 data updates every month

  • Data updates pushed directly to your CRM using our API
  • Up-to-date information on over 20m key company decision-makers

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