Market Trend Analysis & B2B Data

Historical B2B data alone isn’t enough to perform reliable trend analysis. This makes it harder for financial services and investors to decide which businesses to fund. 

We provide industry-leading data on every business in the UK and beyond. This is supported by our machine learning algorithm, which uses 20 years of company data to accurately predict future events. Your sales and marketing teams can use this reliable data to understand customer behaviour. This intelligence allows businesses to enhance campaign performance, improve ROI, and streamline the sales process.

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Our data and analysis are market-leading. We often spot valuable insights that our competitors often miss. 

15 million companies worldwide


180,000 daily updates


Data from 200 sources


16 worldwide global partners

Tools for Faster, More Accurate Data Analysis Processes


Detailed filters

Search for companies and generate detailed profiles using our advanced company search feature with over 180+ filters.



Automatic data updates

We automatically update your CRM data daily, ensuring you always have the latest company information.


Get alerted on sales opportunities

Set up triggers to alert you to a potential sales opportunities. When key changes happen, you’ll be the first company to make the move.


Perform Detailed Market Trend Analysis

Our raw and enriched data enables you to more accurately predict future business performance by conducting effective market trend analysis.

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  • Created with Lunacy
Growth propensity

Identify businesses that meet the OECD’s definition of a fast-growing company. Accurately understand growth in regions and industries.

Loan propensity

Understand a company's ability to take on debt. Predict whether it will grow or experience bad debt. 

Business credit ratings

Understand a business’s credit score and how likely they are to become insolvent using our accurate credit rating system.

Refined SIC codes

Understand exactly what a business does using our reliable and highly accurate SIC codes. 

Estimated turnover

We measure this year’s turnover against previous years and show which businesses have the best potential for growth. 


Creditor services

We calculate what impact bad debt will have on companies that have incurred it. This helps predict insolvency.

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Trend and Data Analysis FAQs

Got a question about trend and data analysis? If you can’t find the information that you need below, get in touch

What is trend analysis?

Trend analysis is used to predict future financial movements based on data. It assumes that what happened in the past indicates what could happen in the future.

It is most commonly used in the stock market to forecast price movements. 

Trend analysis often uses historical data points, including:

  • Prices changes
  • Volume
  • Liquidity

However, professional investors will usually dig deeper and conduct fundamental analysis on a business. This involves analysing factors like the company’s financial position, whether it has had legal action taken against it and identifying its growth potential.

What is data analysis?

Data analysis is a data science process that involves inspecting data, data cleaning and modelling data. It aims to support good business decision-making. It is sometimes known as business analytics. 

Computer algorithms play a critical role in data analysis as they allow data scientists to process a huge amount of data very quickly. 

What is market trend analysis?

This is when businesses analyse past and current changes in the market and identify trends and patterns. Companies use this information to plan campaigns and support their strategic planning. 

How does Red Flag Alert support data analysis?

We collect raw data on every business in the UK and in most countries around the world. 

We then enrich this data with our own predictive analysis using our machine learning algorithm. This algorithm uses 20 years of company data to identify trends and accurately predict each company’s future financial performance.

We essentially do most of the hard work for data scientists and statistical analysis experts. This allows them to spend less time gathering data and modelling and more time focusing on their business strategy.


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