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How we helped Towergate Insurance

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increase in sales team performance

Read how we helped Towergate insurance gain control of their data processes and see results across the business

How we helped Wave Energy

Read case study


decrease in customer default

Read how we helped Wave Energy use data to explore growth opportunities and mitigate risk in its business

How we helped NSL telecoms

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increase in revenue per client

Read how we helped NSL Telcoms grow revenues and manage risk in its business

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Homebase Sold To Hilco For £1

UK Business News

Homebase Sold To Hilco For £1

Homebase join a long list of retailers scrambling to survive in an increasingly hostile retail environment. Led by the restructuring firm Hilco, Homebase is expected to propose a company voluntary arrangement imminently.

The Future of the Pub Industry

UK Business News

The Future of the Pub Industry

With 18 pubs closing every week, what does the future hold for the 50,000 that remain? The environment seems bleak: increased tax on alcohol, a decreasing drinking culture among millennials and economic uncertainty are three headline reasons for pessimism, but is there reason to be hopeful?


Importance of credit monitoring due to increases in unsecured lending

In recent years, SMEs have found it increasingly easy to obtain unsecured loans. Many business owners are not able, or willing, to provide collateral for a secured loan so they’re turning to the growing market of unsecured debt.


Company Credit Check Guide

As trading continues to be challenging for UK businesses, now is a perfect time to start reviewing how you monitor the creditworthiness of your customers.

Our Plans

RedFlag Trade Edge

Ideal for teams looking to identify opportunities, discover actionable information, and segment markets

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New and Improved user interface
Industry leading financial health rating
Live credit calculator
Limited Company Financials
Director linkage
Basic Company Monitoring
Advanced search
List Exports (limited to 200 records per month)
List Reports
Web based training
9-5 Helpdesk

With the option to add

Data Cleansing


Peps and Sanction report

RedFlag 2.0

A powerful solution for teams to analyse, monitor and contextualise information about any business or sector.

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New and Improved user interface
Industry leading financial health rating
Live credit calculator
In-depth Company Financials
Director linkage
Industry leading company monitoring
Trade Payment History
Advanced search
List Exports (Unlimited)
List Reports (Unlimited)
Similar companies
Web based training
9-5 Helpdesk
Dedicated account manager
Onsite training, Microsoft Dynamics integrations
Advanced Data monitoring
Enhanced Financials
Group structure graphs
Ownership information
Debenture type and Holder search
B2B marketing file * UKs freshest telephone data base with 2.6 million records
B2B marketing file * search through 2.6 million SDM email addresses
TPS, CTPS & MPS indicators
API access
Data Cleansing (first 5,000 records)
Bulk Data Services (First 5,000 records)

With the option to add

Exclusive unsecured creditor and debtor information

Mass Data Management

Additional Data Cleansing Services

Additional Bulk Data Services

AML/ID Verification

Peps and Sanctions reports

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Without RedFlag Alert we wouldn't have been able to foresee problem investers before it was too late. Joe Bloggs, Head of Investment | Asda

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