Non Technical Cyber Security

7 minutes Mark Halstead

Many people think that Cyber Security as a mine field of 3 letter acronyms and highly technical stuff, something far to complex or technical for them without a technical mind to understand.

Cyber Security is a real business problem - this is no different to any other business problem we face we just perceive it differently because it's an area many don't understand to the same degree as a P&L or sales pipeline. It's a growing risk and it's not going away, we need to embrace it and understand it, this comes through education.

Typically people see Cyber Security as an IT problem, they deal with IT, Cyber is about IT, they sort out the anti-virus, the firewall and buy in the hardware, it's down to them. Cyber security is something that everyone in your organisation is responsible for and their understanding of how to guard your business and the treat from attack is vital, it's just down to education and awareness.

Cyber Crime is crime. The IT community have branded different type of attacks with different acronym's but essentially it still boils down to theft, extortion, vandalism and corporate espionage, we just see it that way because of our lack of understanding around Cyber and data security. Our understanding will only get better with education.

With that in mind Red Flag Alert have partnered with Inteltrain. They provide the only Government accredited Data security course. Many of our own staff are taking the course and in many situations the course can be entirely covered by Government funding. 

A word of warning, this is a real threat that we all need to take very seriously and with some education it is something that can be easily understood with preventative measures put in place to keep your business and it's customer data more secure.

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