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7 minutes Mark Halstead

Local businessman Paul Maddison is back in town with a revolutionary new service for SMEs. Harnessing the data normally reserved for national conglomerates, Paul’s data integrity bureau, Red Flag Alert, is set to empower local business owners like never before.

Red Flag Alert is an online business information bureau. The system contains over 6 million records of live trading companies which is updated daily. Users are able to manipulate the data via a simple platform to produce powerful reports relevant to individual industries and sectors. This enables highly targeted marketing, planning and risk assessment, all at the touch of a button.

With a successful career spanning almost 30 years in the banking and finance sector, Paul is no stranger to the difficulties often faced by SMEs. He has seen businesses come and go, many failing due to a lack of accessible, intelligent data. Being alerted to something as simple as a major supplier or customer being about to go under could have saved many of them.

As the data revolution marches on, business owners are struggling to identify and manage relationships with prospects, suppliers and customers. Paul felt that the time was ripe to bring his finely honed skills back to their roots. He is now investing in the success and growth of fellow business owners in the area.

Opening its doors in Basingstoke this month, Red Flag Alert will help business owners and their professional advisers to utilise data intelligently.

“Historically, the cost of this type of data intelligence would have been prohibitive and only accessible by the larger companies. We’re here to change that. Our platform now makes this data available to all SME’s and provides unlimited access.

“As the volume and velocity of data increases over the coming months, my simple aim is to help my clients use Red Flag Alert to do better business,” explains Paul.

Basingstoke already has plenty to be proud of. In fact, 24% of local businesses currently receive a gold rating in the Red Flag Alert system compared to the national average of just 13%. Gold standard businesses are financially sound, in a period of growth and are meeting legislative commitments.

A smart business owner will recognise these businesses as ideal customers. Those with access to Red Flag Alert will be able to contact each and every one of them.

“I’m totally committed to making a success of my business which I will do by supporting and being a part of the local business community. My motto is never be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it. Being self-aware and recognising a gap in your business arsenal, and doing something about it, is just as valuable as having all the answers,” adds Paul.

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Mark's experience is big data analytics, financial services and building businesses provides Red Flag Alert with strategic direction.