5 Ways to grow your business faster using quality data

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Quality Data Produces A Smarter Sales Force

Make sure your sales force are spending more time delivering quality pitches rather than spending time researching prospects. Client building is critical to business growth, the more they spend time with potential customers rather than researching the more they build relationships which equals revenue growth. By having access to the right contact's name, size of organisation, location and sector information the more they can focus on turning prospects into customers and tailor their 'pitch' accordingly.

Quality Data Delivers Competitive Business Intelligence

Organised data becomes information and when it’s relevant it becomes business intelligence. You need access to information that goes beyond your customers. Information that helps you build, grow, manage and protect your business so that you know more about your customers' market, including competitor intelligence, sector and location data, monitor what’s happening with the comfort of knowing that it is accurate, live and alerting you of changes daily.

Measure and Understand Your Sales Force Performance with Quality Data

The KPI’s you use to measure performance of your sales force should start with quality data as you are setting your team up for success from the start. By understanding the number of leads they contact, how many appointments they make, how many sales they close, what the conversion rates are, you'll be able to gauge performance and isolate areas that need improving.

Monitor Trends As Your Client Base Grows

Who are your best customers? Where are they based? What is your revenue by customer? Can you replicate them by sector, size, and location? If you lose a customer, what is the impact be on your business? How quickly would it take you to replace them? Quality data enables you to continue with your route to market and then to plan what happens in your business quickly and accurately. You will gather more information from your customers and this all helps you to make smarter decisions going forward.

Choose a quality provider

If your business needs a constant supply of fast lead generation to grow your business quickly then you need to approach it as you would any other advertising/marketing expenditure and set aside a budget as it is a sure way to increase your ROI and get more business. Choose a provider that offers unlimited usage and a decent number of users within the pricing model and that offers you the most relevant data available.

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