Top Tips On Growing SME Sales

7 minutes Mark Halstead

Sales drive a small business forward, but too often they’re a sideline rather than a focus. Following these tips will help keep your sales focus and customers coming through your door.

1. Make sales a priority 

For most SMEs, the owner generally leads the sales team. If the owner isn’t a natural at sales – and not everyone is – they need to hire one quickly! Someone needs to be concentrating on finding and developing new business. They need to focus on nurturing and growing the business while keeping an eye on customer satisfaction and feedback. This will maintain sales momentum for the life of the company.

2. A great salesperson has expertise

It’s an outdated cliché that a great salesperson is loud, pushy and only focused on price. These days the internet allows customers to instantly compare prices and find product reviews. Today to be a great salesperson, customers businesses, desires, needs and expectations need to be understands and met. A great salesperson will use their knowledge of the product/service to tailor a pitch to the customer’s specific needs, establish a relationship and generate a sale.

3. Sales team hierarchy

SMEs need to avoid unnecessary hierarchy. If there are fewer than 10 people selling, it’s best to have one person with direct oversight. This might be the business owner or whoever they have employed to oversee sales.

4. Keep looking for your next customer

A small business can’t assume that their initial success will last forever if it’s based on word-of-mouth. A successful small business has someone concentrating on who their customers are and where they come from. Using tools such as Red Flag Alert to identify prospects in different sectors, or locations can not only help build marketing campaigns, but allows you to strategically marketing for accelerated growth.

5. Personalise your approach

More people will buy from you when they feel you are talking directly to them about their individual needs. Develop customised versions of your sales message to cater to the specific interests of prospects in each market you target. Use the language and style of prospects in each market to communicate your message to them.

Each of these 5 tips will not help you increase sales on their own, but incorporated into a strategic sales and marketing plan, you will see your SME steadily grow.

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