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7 minutes Mark Halstead

As a leader of an SME no doubt your world is very busy, often juggling and balancing many roles, tasks and decisions. Time is at a premium and any advantage you can get to save time, grow your business and achieve your objectives is always welcome.

Having the time to make the right decisions on important issues is vital especially when those decisions can have a huge impact on the overall performance of the business. Running a business effectively and successfully is a question of making the right decisions at the right time.

Like most business owners, I like to have all the relevant information to hand – information that is accurate, up to date and in a format that is simple to interpret and use, to help shape my decisions. The necessary information can be difficult or time consuming to find, it may be from multiple sources, out of date, difficult to interpret or from a questionable source.

None of this helps and does the one thing you’re trying to avoid, spending valuable time that you just don't have. As different decisions require different information, and judging what information is relevant for a decision is not easy.

Having relevant, accurate, live information in one place, giving you the insight to enable the right decisions to drive growth, keep your risk and financial exposure to a minimum and even add value to your clients can only be an advantage and no doubt worth its weight in gold!

So what's the solution?

Unfortunately you can't stop time, I could suggest a number of different time management tools but I'm sure you've all seen your fair share of those in the past.

What I can do is give you access to unlimited up to data and live information on over 6 million live companies in the UK, because good information reduces uncertainty, it reduces some of the risk associated with decision making.

I could also give you the tools to learn everything you need in order to make quicker, more informed decisions based on fact and insight from over 25 years of proven business risk analysis. If you have customers, suppliers, want to grow your business or protect it financial future Red Flag Alert will help you do better business.

If you would like to explore in more detail how I can help you create a holistic solution that can save time and aid your decision making process in turn help you “do better business”, please contact us.

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Mark's experience is big data analytics, financial services and building businesses provides Red Flag Alert with strategic direction.