Big Data on a Small Budget

7 minutes Mark Halstead

There is a growing demand from small and medium business owners for in-depth information in order to make essential business decisions, but for most small business the idea of big data access conjures up thoughts of big budgets. However there are way of taking advantage and gaining business insights without it costing your entire marketing budget.


To a degree your team can gain a great deal of information and business insight from using Google for research purposes and if you install Google Analytics which is a free tool you can also track your web activity and find out who is using your website and for what reason, how long they stay on your site and what they are looking at.

Social Media

Using social media to find business contacts is a good way of getting to the right person and forming a relationship. Twitter and Facebook have their own analytical tools that allow you gather more data insights by incorporating social feedback and behavioural analysis into their decision making.

Email Marketing Campaigns 

Increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns by customising and sending personalised emails to sub sector groups. This will improve the open rates and really target to the interests, habits, locations, business groups and demographics with messages they want to read.

On Line Surveys

Capture information from your customers and listen to what they want, like or do. There are many cost effective ways of doing this with platforms like Survey Monkey that can be integrated with your email campaigns or web site. Use the research to improve your offerings and find similar businesses to inform.

Red Flag Alert

Use an online information bureau to gain valuable insights of over 6 million UK companies and be able to target by sector, postcode, size of business, turnover, age, directors, health ratings and many other types of business intelligence that help you to ‘do better business’

If you would like to explore in more detail how Red Flag Alert can enable you to do better business by giving you access to data previously reserved for large corporate organisations with endless resources, please contact us.

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