5 considerations for targeting new customers and growing your business

7 minutes Mark Halstead

The challenge for any small business is to identify and market to potential customers effectively.

With the ongoing development of The Internet of Things (IofT) offering new routes to market which include; social media, Smartphone’s, content marketing, texting, in addition to traditional routes to market it has never been more easy for businesses to get their messages out. 

Top 5 considerations for targeting & winning new customers

  • Define what a good lead is. Who are your current customers? What profile of company buys your services in terms of size, location, sector, turnover, which job role holds the budget? Who are the prime decision makers?
  • Where can you source the best business intelligence that is clean, safe and relevant but that is also sizeable and allows you unlimited usage without additional on cost. You also need to be assured that it includes a health rating of each new lead to give your marketing the best chance. Gaining valuable insights through relevant data sources have advanced immeasurably from the static marketing data lists of old. Your information source needs to be of a caliber that is constantly updated for changes ensuring you stay one step ahead of your competition.
  • Make sure your sales proposition contains benefits, create a compelling reason for prospects to engage with you now, find out their pain points and why they need your solution, and add testimonials from your current customers.
  • Consider a multi-channel approach of tele-marketing, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, social media, face 2 face, content marketing & blogs on your website, a combination of approaches could lead to a higher influx of customers, and consequently, increased revenue.
  • Communicate the plan with everyone in your organisation so everyone is bought into the plan and from bottom up top down everyone is engaged and ready to embrace your new influx of customers.

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