Keeping your data clean and useful

You no doubt have a CRM jam-packed with customer and prospect data, but how often do you check that it’s still in good health?

Like bananas, customer data starts out green, begins to yellow and, before you know it, it’s rotten.

It’s generally thought that the average B2B sales and marketing database decays at approximately 3% per month – across all industries. Without regular cleansing, over a third of your business contacts can go out of date each year, including key company information, personal details, and most importantly, accurate contact information.

Do you have a schedule to update the records held in your CRM? If so, it’s likely to involve someone armed with a telephone and a search engine manually amending records. Tedious and inefficient.

Red Flag Alert allows you to automatically update the business records stored in your CRM. No more need for manual processes – and it can be done automatically as often as you choose. You’ll know your CRM is populated with useful information, because our database is updated daily so the intelligence it contains is always current. 

Our health rating allows you to remove from your prospect pool any businesses in poor financial health or that no longer fit the profile you wish to target, resulting in a more efficient use of your time and budget and a higher campaign ROI.