How can you improve your marketing?

From market research to improved targeting for email marketing, telemarketing and direct mail campaigns, the Red Flag Alert platform covers all the bases when it comes to creating marketing intelligence and marketing plans. Incorporating our platform into your marketing department can help you add market-leading business intelligence to your marketing process.

Better targeting for your marketing can improve marketing ROI, response and conversion figures. By giving you more information about who you are targeting, the Red Flag Alert platform can be used to maximise your results. Through our system you can identify the companies you want to deal with, and which are in a sound financial position, empowering you to build your business on a scale that suits you, be it regional or national.

You will also be able to do detailed competitor research and understand the trends in your market or a market you may be considering for diversification or expansion. The more you know, the more effective marketing you will be able to carry out.

Red Flag Alert allows you to search for companies by industry type, postcode, town or county, by turnover or employee number. We provide details of six million UK businesses from sole traders to PLCs with key information about the health of each business – knowing how they are funded and who actually owns them will help you to develop cost-effective, targeted marketing strategies.

The Red Flag Alert platform can be used to:

  • Provide market intelligence
  • Aid competitor research
  • Target viable potential customers
  • Generate lists for telemarketing, e-marketing and direct mail
  • Learn about a new potential customer in the days after they form the business
  • Allow sales executives to access a vast database of targets
  • Improve accuracy and return from marketing campaigns
  • Assist networking activity

The Red Flag Alert system is simple to use and easy to integrate into your current marketing department, CRM system or customer database. It’s not just the different ways you can reach new customers by using Red Flag Alert, it’s the speed at which the system updates and gives you the ability to generate a new list of contacts daily that’s so valuable. And over 100,000 changes per day ensure that information is both current and accurate.