Finding new customers is hard. As a marketer you need to use your precious budget wisely to create a dialogue with prospects that have the right profile, can afford your service, and are likely to be around for the long term.

There are many data sources available, but most take a static snapshot of the target market which is most likely out of date when it arrives at your inbox. Out-of-date information leads to wasted time and budget, not to mention poor response and conversion rates.

Prospects should be identified using accurate information that provides a real insight into the inner workings of a business, not just a line on a spreadsheet that only gives you a name, a job title and an address.

Red Flag Alert (RFA) gives you access to data that receives tens of thousands of updates per day. You can search for prospects by location and business sector, and even profile your most profitable clients and search for lookalike businesses. Just as importantly, you can identify new start-up businesses which means you can approach them before your competitors. RFA also empowers you to exclude businesses showing signs of distress, allowing you to focus solely on those you can form a profitable long-term relationship with.

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