What company information can I search by?

All criteria you can use to find businesses in the RFA platform.


Red Flag Alert uses a unique scoring system, from gold to bronze, newly incorporated, and one to three red flags. Gold is the top 10%, silver is for good-performing businesses, and bronze and one red flag are common in the UK market. Three red flags indicate a high risk of failure. 

SIC Codes 

Red Flag Alert matches businesses with the best-suited SIC codes, using AI to ensure accuracy. This is important as SIC codes can change over time as businesses evolve. 


Use filters to refine your search based on factors like contact information, business status, and more. Consider using filters like TPS, CPS, and GDPR to contact businesses that want to be contacted. 

Dates & Ranges 

You can set criteria based on turnover, employees, assets, credit limits, and more. Use the estimated turnover option to find more businesses that meet your criteria. 


This feature helps you find businesses associated with specific auditors who are filing full accounts. 


Search for businesses with general charges or mortgages secured on them. You can specify details like the type of debenture and its status. 


Analyse financial data over the last five years. You can set specific criteria for various financial aspects. 


Search by address or location, specifying the radius, district, borough, county, or postcode area. You can differentiate between trading and registered addresses.