Microsoft Dynamics App

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How to install the App

IMPORTANT: Our App will only work on Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.1 and above.

1. Click Advanced settings

2. Click customisation

3. Click solutions

4. Click import and import the zip file (we will give you this file)

Accessing the App

Click on any Account or Lead record and click on the “Red Flag Alert” button.

User permissions

Ability to allocate credits to each of your CRM users and enable or disable access to credit check, find contacts and find leads.

Admin user

Only the admin user can allocate credits.

Button: Update User

Allocate credits, and enable or disable access to credit check, find contacts and find leads.

Allocation of credits to users

Credit Allocation Type: ANNUALLY

The credits will be refreshed annually.

Credit Allocation Type: MONTHLY

The credits will be refreshed on the 1st of each month.


Field Mapping

You can map any Red Flag Alert custom field to any compatible field within your CRM.

Button: Change Field Mapping

Change the field mapping field.

Credit Costs

All credits are renewed annually.

Credit Check/Insights: Each credit check is one credit.

Find Leads: Each lead created is one credit.

Credit Check refresh: No credits.

Find Contacts: No credits.

Find Leads or Contacts: No credits.

Credit Check/Insights

Update an Account or Lead RFA custom fields.

Button: Search

You can search by company name or company number.

Button: Refresh Data

Updates all RFA data for this Account or Lead.

Find Contacts

Creates the new contacts for the Account Record or lead records.

Button: Search

Search for contacts using the domain name.

Account - The user can create new contacts/persons and will be associated to the Account.

Lead - The user can create new lead records, with all the company, email and LinkedIn data of the contact.

Button: Save

Creates the new contacts or lead records.

Find Leads

Create new lead records for the companies, with the option to create leads for the contacts.

Field: Create Contacts

If this option is ON, new persons (lead) records will be created.

Find Leads – Search criteria screen.

Button: Search

Finds all companies that match your search criteria.

Button: Clear

Clears all search criteria fields.

Find Leads – Search criteria results screen.

Displays all the find lead campaigns you have created.

Button: Generate selected leads

Generates the lead selected in the search results table.

Button: Generate ALL leads

Generates all the lead records found with your search criteria.

Button: Cancel

Cancels the search campaign.

Find Leads – Scheduler list screen.

Button: Refresh schedule list

Refreshes all schedule records.

Button: Force run

If a schedule has failed or timed out, you can restart it, the schedule will not create duplicate lead records.

Button: Delete schedule

You can delete a finished or failed schedule.

Red Flag Alert Custom Fields

Account Module: Mapping Fields: (34 fields)

Account Module: Non-Mapping Fields: (34 fields)

Lead Module: Mapping Fields: (34 fields)

Credit Check/Insights

Lead Module: Non-Mapping Fields: (5 fields)

Find Leads

Lead Module: Non-Mapping Fields: (12 fields)

Find Contacts

Contacts Module: Non-Mapping Fields: (4 fields)

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Support Team via Contact Us.