How to interpret the director dashboard

Explanation of the director dashboard.

You can navigate to a director dashboard by searching for a director through 'people search' and clicking on their name, or by clicking on 'view director' underneath a director's name within a business report.

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The director dashboard will show you an overview of a person's past directorships.

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At the top of the dashboard, you'll see the person's name, nationality, birthday, and registered address.

Below this, you'll see the total number of companies they've been affiliated with, and how many are current/previous companies.

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Underneath this segment, you'll see their companies broken into categories and by RFA rating in pie charts.

This will give you a breakdown of the industry and financial health this person's companies fall into. By hovering over the different segments of the pie chart, you'll see the exact number of companies in this category. e.g., in the above, we can see 80% of this person's companies are dissolved, and by hovering over this segment, we can see that this is 16.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a list of all the companies this person has been involved in.

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This will include the company name, health rating, company number, and the date the person was appointed as a director/resigned.

By clicking on the business name, you can navigate to that specific company's business report for a more detailed overview. This information can help you decide if the director you're working with is trustworthy/what kind of experience they have. Even if the company you're working with has a good RFA rating, by looking at the director's past directorships you can assess whether the business will thrive or fall under their leadership.

If a director's portfolio has gold/silver companies in similar industries, you can be confident the business is in good hands, however, if the portfolio includes majority businesses rating 1/2/3 red flags, insolvent etc. with businesses in very different industries, you should handle any business with them under extra scrutiny.

Note: Although we take extra measures to give you a comprehensive overview of directors, sometimes there may be haps due to the way Companies House deal with directors.