How to customise a Portfolio

Learn how to customise a portfolio in Red Flag Alert

  • Once you have set up a portfolio, you are able to customize who can see it, what alerts you get and prioritize alerts
  • To do any of these click on the arrow next to ‘Actions’ in the top right
  • A drop-down menu will appear Click ‘Edit Portfolio’


How to share a portfolio

  • You are able to control whether other Red Flag Alert users within your organization are able to view and access a portfolio
  • To do this, toggle ‘Is Private’ to off
  • This will make the portfolio visible in other Red Flag Alert users within your organizations list of portfolios
  • They will be able to access and view the portfolio (they will not be able to edit it)
  • Click ‘Update’


How to share alerts

  • You may share alerts with other Red Flag Alert users from within your organization
  • To do this, click on recipients and enter their login email address into the text bar and press return
  • Click ‘Update’


How to edit alerts

  • When a portfolio is created alerts will be active for all 79 events
  • Should you not wish to receive alerts for some events, you are able to remove alerts for them
  • To do so click on ‘Events’
  • A list of all monitored events will appear under the heading ‘ Selected Events’
  • To turn off alerts for a specific events, click the cross next to them
  • This will delete them off the list


  • If you accidentally delete an event or wish to add one that you had previously deselected, click on ‘Choose your events’
  • Find the desired event in the drop down list and click on it


How to receive immediate alerts

  • If you wish to monitor for business critical events immediately you can do so by toggling on the ‘Is immediate’ toggle next to an event in ‘Selected Events
  • Should this event trigger, you will receive an instant email alert