How to add to an international portfolio

To add a company to an international portfolio, first navigate to the 'International Checks' tab from your dashboard.

add portfolio

Then, search for the company you want to monitor (make sure to set the country to get the correct company).

add portfolio 1

From inside of the report, click 'Monitor' in the top right corner.

add portfolio 2

This will bring up a sidebar on the right side of your screen where you can select the portfolio you want the company to be monitored in, and write a reference.

add portfolio 3

In this example, I chose the test international portfolio I created in the 'How to create an international portfolio FAQ', but you can create a new international portfolio to add the company to if you don't have an existing one.

After this press 'Add' in the bottom right corner.

add portfolio 4

Once the company has been added, you'll get a pop-up in the top right of your screen that says 'Company added to portfolio!'.

add portfolio 5

If you then navigate to the portfolios tab and click to view your international portfolio, you'll now see the company monitored inside.