Common IDV Check Issues

The answer to your customers' common questions regarding IDV/AML check issues.

1. Why do I need to allow camera permissions for the ID check?

Camera permissions are necessary to capture images of your ID document and a selfie video for verification purposes. Some phones may require you to set these permissions manually before starting the check.

2. How do I ensure my ID document photo is accepted?

When taking a picture of your ID document:

  • Make sure all four corners of the document are visible.
  • Ensure the image is not blurred and is taken in good lighting without glare.
  • If the picture quality is not satisfactory, use the option to ‘re-take’ the picture.

3. What should I do when taking the selfie video?

For the selfie video:

  • Position your phone directly in front of you.
  • Avoid taking the video from below your chin to ensure a clear and straightforward angle.

4. Can I use a saved image of my ID document for the check?

No, you must have the physical ID document with you. The system will detect if you try to use a saved image, and the check will fail. This would require us to resend the SMS link for you to redo the process.

5. What should I do if I encounter an issue during the ID check?

If you encounter any issues:

  • Ensure your camera permissions are enabled.
  • Check that your ID document and selfie video meet the quality guidelines mentioned.
  • If problems persist, please contact us for further assistance.

6. What types of ID documents are accepted?

The accepted ID documents include:

  • Passports
  • Driving licences
  • National ID cards
  • Other government-issued photo IDs

Ensure the document is valid and not expired.

7. How long does the ID verification process take?

The ID verification process usually takes a few minutes once all required images and videos are submitted correctly. If there are any issues, it may take longer to resolve.

8. What if I don’t receive the SMS link for the ID check?

If you don’t receive the SMS link:

  • Ensure your phone number is entered correctly.
  • Check your phone’s SMS settings and message inbox.
  • Contact us if the issue persists.

9. Why did my ID check fail?

Common reasons for ID check failure include:

  • Blurry or unclear images.
  • Incorrect or expired ID documents.
  • Incomplete visibility of the ID document.
  • Using a saved image instead of the physical document.

Please ensure all guidelines are followed and try again.

Red Flag Alert Support Contact Details

If you/your customers are experiencing difficulties with our IDV service, please contact Red Flag Alert support. Please do not send these contact details to your customers for support, you - as the business with the RFA account - will need to send in any queries.


Telephone: 0330 460 9877 (choose the second option after calling).