Accessing RFA 3 New User Management

Welcome to Red Flag Alert.

As a user that has been set up on our RFA 3 User Management platform, the link that you require to log into your RFA account will be different from our legacy clients, so if you are experiencing issues logging into your account, please follow the instructions below.

1. Right-click on the link and open in an in-private window. (This is to ensure a re-direct is not placed on the URL)

2. Insert your username, this will be your email address.

3. Copy and paste the temporary password supplied to you in your welcome email.

4. If the temporary password is not recognized, use the forgot password to reset your password.

5. Once you have reset your password, follow Step 1 to log in.

6. Should any errors appear, click on the Red Flag logo seen in the top left hand side of the browser. 

7. To log out of Red Flag, this link may be used

If you have any questions, please email