Assess your credit risks

Credit risk is the calculated risk of a customer defaulting on a credit payment. As you are the ‘lender’ when it comes to customer credit, you need to have the highest quality information possible in order to make the right decisions and set the correct credit limits. By limiting your credit risks, you are limiting the financial implications it can have for your company.

Red Flag Alert can help you protect your business by using our company checks to assess the creditworthiness of both current customers and potential new customers. This information means you can set a suitable credit limit and reduce the risks of default to your business.

Credit is the single largest source of funding in the world – it is how the majority of businesses operate – but mismanaging the credit process and a lack of due diligence when investigating how safe a customer is to do business with can impact on cash flow and your ability to operate a successful business.

Using our platform can help keep your company healthy, solvent and secure. Our advance searches, company credit checks and monitoring can safeguard you from customers who are not financially viable and, therefore, not creditworthy.