Managing your Business Information

“Organised data is information; relevant information becomes intelligence”

Business Information (BI) is a process that transforms raw data into useful, relevant information. It is an intelligent decision-making tool that helps you make better informed decisions. To successfully gather business information, you need to know who you’re doing business with, and this means monitoring your customers and suppliers – and your competitors.

Monitoring your customers gives you the information you need to understand how they run their business, how they operate in your market, and how they deal with their suppliers and customers. Monitoring gives you lots of intelligent data on your customers, but it’s how you turn this into relevant information to help you make decisions is where the true value in BI really lies.

At Red Flag Alert we have the expertise and the platform to help make this data relevant to you and your business to support your decisions. We have created an alert system that notifies you about any changes experienced by your customers, suppliers and competitors. You receive daily email alerts so you have the most up-to-date and relevant information possible to help manage your business. The rate at which your customers, suppliers and competitors experience changes is exponential – keeping track of these changes is almost impossible to do on your own, which is where Red Flag Alert can help you.

 Our platform will allow you to understand your customers, suppliers and competitors almost better than they do themselves and you will see the true value of proactively managing your data and business information. Monitoring these three key components of your market intelligently means you can create the valuable business information you need to run your business effectively and plan your strategy for the future.