Use BI to improve debt management

Customer debts can be a daily challenge to your business – time-consuming and counterproductive if not properly managed. If you can identify the warning signs early enough and proactively seek a solution before a customer falls into arrears, this will help you manage you business successfully and maintain the important relationships you have built with your customers.

Big business takes full advantage of the knowledge provided by business information (BI) to create processes based around the results that BI delivers. These processes become a well-oiled machine that handles debt management. Red Flag Alert helps make this knowledge accessible to all – allowing you to perform better debt management by providing you with relevant information, copying the successful strategies used by big corporations and making it work for you.

Using Red Flag Alert’s platform with its unique ‘health rating’ system to monitor your customers gives you relevant and useful information so you are alerted to any changes in your customers credit rating and financial stability. Monitoring your customers to help you understand their financial position means you can actively manage customer debts.

Proactively monitoring your customers will help you reduce your business debtor days, and the time and money it costs to manage these debts. Red Flag Alert helps you make this information relevant and useful to your business and improves your ability to make the right all-important debt management decisions.