Do you know your market share?

Red Flag Alert can help you better understand the position of your business in the markets in which you operate by providing extensive information on the things that happen to all businesses on a daily basis.

When the individual information for a business is combined with the data we have for all companies in a sector, we are able to provide both market oversight and detail on your competitors. Using the Red Flag Alert platform over time will enable you to determine the number of competitors in your market, their relative size and business performance.

You can also use the platform to evaluate the total potential market for a product or service and by combining these figures with your own business performance and details of competitors, you will be able to accurately estimate what market share you have and whether growing your market share can best be done by competitive activity or untapped potential in the market.

Once the Red Flag Alert system is installed in your business you will be able to regularly check the position of your business and track your performance in relation to the market as a whole and the other companies operating in your sector.