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Introducing our cutting edge API

Red Flag Alert’s cutting edge API enables our customers to tap into real-time data on over 5 million UK businesses while remaining logged into their existing CRM system and workflows. This seamless integration of live and dynamic data makes Red Flag Alert the most agile business intelligence portal on the market, and a crucial support tool you can utilise for performing company data checks and analysing company financials.

 Whether you depend on data for sales, marketing, credit, risk or compliance, our plug-and-play API will provide you with the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date information available anywhere and from any source.

The API has been built by a talented team of developers and works out of the box with all leading CRM platforms such Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce, Sugar CRM and Zoho in addition to bespoke-built CRM systems.

 You can find more detail on how to use the Red Flag Alert API in our developer's portal here

Ten Key Benefits

1.      Our 2.6 million continuously updated telemarketing contacts and 900,000 GDPR compliant email addresses will be accessible directly from your existing CRM system.

2.      Eliminate human error and time-sapping data cleansing so you can concentrate on winning new business.

3.      Real-time updates will inform you of key changes in your clients or prospects; up to 1.8 million records will be updated automatically updated in your CRM each and every month.

4.      Ensure everyone in your team has the most up-to-date information available to drive more efficient operations and cross-function collaboration.

5.      On-boarding of customers is simple. You can evaluate financial information quickly and easily so you won’t waste time chasing prospects that won’t pass your credit checks.

6.      Make account-based marketing work for you by giving your sales and account management teams access to information which enables them to provide the best service to your existing clients.

7.      Ensure your sales team have every angle covered when going into a pitch meeting, from company background to associated companies and trading history.

8.      Form auto-filling means that you can add basic information for new records and our API will make sure the rest is updated automatically.

9.      Your data will be constantly cleaned so you won’t waste time selling to dissolved companies or prospecting using out of date contact information.

10.   Our team are on hand to make sure that your API integration is implemented effectively and you’re getting the most out of our data.


Our Experts Are Here to Help

We have a team who help with data strategy as part of your package. Our team help in a number of ways:

Review your current CRM and data processes and suggest ways to make your data work harder for you.

Plan how you can build out a sustainable strategy for utilising the very best data.

Integrate our Red Flag Alert into your CRM and show you how you can get the most value from our unrivalled data.

Train your team on how to manage and use our data to get the best ROI for their time and effort.

An API that delivers more


30 Years of financial data
35+ Fields of company credentials
15 Million director relationships
Company alerts from 1 month's time
17,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started

Market Comparison

15 Years of financial data
30+ Fields of company credentials
14 Million director relationships
Company Alerts from 1-2 year's time
10,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started

Key benefits of our API Service

  • Quick and seamless integration with your current CRM systems allowing you to have all the data and information you could possibly need on your customers, clients and targets
  • Improved user efficiency by integrating Red Flag data directly into your own application – no more switching between multiple systems
  • By integrating company and finance information directly into your applications, credit decisions can be completely streamlined
  • Instantly verify who key decision makers are
  • Full technical support from the people who wrote and developed the API
  • Speedy integration of PDF document retrieval from Companies House

How we helped Towergate Insurance

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increase in sales team performance

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How we helped Wave Energy

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decrease in customer default

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How we helped NSL telecoms

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increase in revenue per client

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