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How Red Flag Alert Helped Hii Communications

Find the benefits Hii Communications saw by using our credit search facility alongside our live data. 


As a start-up company, we had various challenges in our first few months of trading. Despite writing business with twenty individual business', we only managed to get eight of those to stick due to poor finances.  It was incredibly demoralising, a waste of time and completely counter productive. Over the Christmas break we assessed where we could improve our processes. We concluded that it made sense for us to not waste our time sitting with people who wouldn't meet the required criteria to be accepted by our lease partners.


It was then, when we approached Red Flag Alert. Their credit searching facility running alongside the live data enabled us to filter out the companies that don't meet our requirements. 


We started our partnership with RFA in January and that coincided with a record month for us at Hii Com. We had a record number of appointments booked, a record number of appointments sat, a record number of deals done and a record number of installs. Our lease partners approved 92% of our proposals. This was an increase of 52% from the previous month. 

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